Friday, 25 May 2012


Thanks to all my visitors, you are all great.
It is important I make you understand what an Idea really means.

I will be tracing it down to philosophy; this reminds me of my Philosophy and Psychology lecturers at UNN. Let’s get started, what is the term IDEA?

In philosophy, the term idea is common to all languages and periods. Idea has been used as a term with many different shades of meaning.

Plato asserted that there is realm of Forms or Ideas, which exist independently of anyone who may have thought of these ideas. Material things are "imperfect and transient reflections or instantiations of the perfect and unchanging ideas".

Hume's "idea" is a vague mental reconstruction of perceptions with the perceptual process being described as an impression.

Locke defines "idea" as whatever is the object of understanding when a man thinks.

I will define idea as an image existing or formed in the mind which gives rise to concepts, which are the basis for knowledge in science, philosophy or business.
Anything that comes out of your mind in providing a solution to an immediate problem or a long term problem is an IDEA.

I know you are asking how you can know if you have an IDEA or NOT?

In my next post I will be explaining the various tools you need to generate an IDEA and also to make you know you have an IDEA.

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Yours in Ideas Recreation.

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